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Movie: Naa Rakumarudu,
Cast: Naveen Chandra, Ritu Varma,
Director: T Satya,
Music: T Atchu,
Producer: P Vajrang,
Release Date: 21 February 2014

Songs LIst:
Ye Vinara || Hey Girl || Inka Endhukee || Tapeswaram Kaja || Kannullo Mounam || Theeram

Vaishnav(Naveen Chandra) is the son of a rich business man in Hyderabad. He decides to go the US for his further studies, and since he has three months time to go there, he decides to find the girl of his life.After a certain point of time, he meets Bindu(Ritu Varma) during an small incident. Soon both of them become close friends and Bindu falls in love with Vaishnav.She decides to propose Vaishnav, and as soon as she does, Vaishnav rejects her proposal and leaves to the US. A depressed Bindu now decides to end her life.What happens to Bindu ? Why did Vaishnav reject Bindu’s proposal ? Will he come back and accept her back in his life
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Date: April 6, 2020